Who We Are

National Gas was formed to cater to the diverse needs of the Jordanian market, based on the varied requirements of existing & emerging markets. LPG has becomes the energy solution in Jordan that offers cost-effective answers to customers de to its extremely high combustion efficiency.

Our Services

Designing and planning of LPG networks and distribution systems.

Implementation, installation and operation of LPG network systems.

We offer premium price protection and no run-out guarantee.

Our Objectives

To provide safe, clean-burning energy solutions.

To provide a reliable and safe LPG supply.

Dedication and commitment to honest.

National Gas NEWS

T. Gargour and national gas sign a deal for Freightliner trucks delivery

About LPG

LPG is controllable to work with, clean to with and enables appliances to work quietly and efficiently. You may not be as familiar with LPG as with other fuels, such as electricity, oil or coal, but it actually has advantages in performance and in many cases is better for the environment.


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